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General Contracting and Real Estate Development Since 1982
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Retaining Walls & Block Work
Interstate Builders always uses quality materials for our customers. All the architectural shingles, (dimensional shingles) we use are lifetime guaranteed and installed to the manufactures specifications to uphold the warrenties.
Using the Miami - Dade County specifications for roofing, you're existing roof (shingles, tar paper and rotting sheathing) will be removed, all good sheathing will be re-nailed and the rotted boards will be replaced. New tar paper will be nailed down with ice guard and drip edge. After the starter shingles are in place, your new shingles are ready to go down, ridge vent will be installed and caps nailed to the peek of your roof. ALL debris is removed from your property leaving you with a beautiful new roof and no clean up or hassle. We also offer the replacement of gutters and downspouts. *Ask us about Slate Roofs*
At Interstate Builders, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  For over 30 years we have been providing quality work for customers in many different fields of work.

Interstate Builders is Certified by many of the leading building material manufactures to include, but not limited to: 
Alcoa Building, Ownes Corning, Certianteed Building Products, Trex Decking Products, Keystone Retaining Wall systems.

Includes but not limited to-
-Sewer line
-Water lines
-Draining system (french draining system)
Retaining walls are used in many aspects of the construction field. They can be used to hold back dirt, as property dividers, or simply for our own personal decoration. We start off with leveling the ground to grade, then we lay a bed of gravel, then comes the first layer of block. Keystone block is what we like to work with, It is the most durable and it leaves a beautiful finish. The wall is then finished with caps that are glued on the top of the wall to create the finished look. Finally, after the wall is built we landscape or mulch the area to leave an astetic appeal to your property.

Porches, Decks, Steps
Certified installers of Trex Pro Building products.
Trex Pro is the new age composit decking that is maintenance free, fade resistant, and splinter free. Re-painting or staining your deck every other year will be eliminated. Trex Pro is a one time install that lasts for years with the same beautiful condition as when you first had it in stalled.
Kitchen Renovations & Bathroom Renovations
Attic Renovations & Basement Renovations

Pole Buildings / Garages /Additions
Siding, Window & Doors
We build pole buildings, garages and additions at any size, with or without an amenities. 
You are able to custom design your building to accomidate your needs. If your goal is to store a lawn mower, park a semi-truck or add a family room, our custom desgin team will work with you to make sure all your needs are met.
Interstate Builders only uses the best name brand of siding, windows & doors as these are important components to your exterior renovation projects. These quality materials are used to keep the weather out and comfort in. Interstate Builders is a Certified Certianteed Product Installer. Our professional crews are knowledgable of the proper installation of vinyl products and warranties as well as products such as T1-11 and HardiBoard.
As much as we build and create there are just some structures that are beyond repair. Interstate Builders always considers safety first on all of our job sites. However, with demolition there is more at risk. Structures is coming down leave more room for danger to occur on the site. Therefore Interstate Builders takes extra precaution to keep demo site safe so that pedestrians as well as other structures are unharmed. Interstates Builders also continues to keep our sites clean of all debris. Once the structure has been demolished the grounds will be graded and cleaned, leaving a professional appearance to your property.
Attics and basements can be transformed into many different things, some including... bedrooms, apartments, game rooms, and laundry areas. If you have a vision for that extra space in your house we can take your vision and turn it into your reality. If you have extra space that you are unsure of what to do with it, call us today and we can show you different options and possibilities.
Kitchens and Bathrooms are some of the most important renovations in your home. These rooms being upgraded and remodeled will appreciate the value of your home. Here at Interstate Builders, these projects can be as elaborate as changing the whole floor plan for more space or to be handicap accessible. However you decide to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, Interstate Builders will work with you to assue your project is done with quality materials and workmanship. 
Below is a list of some of the services we offer: